Wilkinson Tree Farm Guarantee

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We guarantee all trees planted by Wilkinson Tree Farm for One Full Year. This guarantee is valid only if there is a water system installed, (Irrigation System) with timer, for each tree. Water system must be installed by Wilkinson Tree Farm to be able to have one year Guarantee.

All trees shall be under warranty for one year from the day of installation at same address and location of original planting. Any tree acquired under this contract that dies will be removed and replaced with a tree of equal value at time of planting. In no way shall money be returned in place of replacement tree. Wilkinson Tree Farm reserves the right to determine the best time to replace a tree within the warranted year.

Warranty will not apply if tree dies due to fire, severe acts of nature, drought, insects and diseases brought upon in new environment or neglect or damage by owner, also if soil level around tree changes due to construction or customer interference.

Wilkinson Tree Farm is not responsible for any shrubs or landscaping placed around tree in area originally prepared for said tree. Access to site of tree shall be made available by homeowner, and is not the responsiblility of Willkinson Tree Farm. If customer chooses to remove tree or have persons other than Wilkinson’s employees remove tree, then liability falls on the homeowner and no replacement will be made.

Wilkinson Tree Farm prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. We strive to help our customers care for and enjoy their tree(s) for years to come. It has been rare that we have seen customer neglect or severe environmental conditions that have negated our guarantee, but it does happen.

Prices for Wilkinson Tree Farm to Install Irrigation, $350 for First Tree (prices can vary), then $150 for every tree after that in same planting.

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