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Wilkinson Tree Farm is the largest field-grown and container tree supplier in Southwest Louisiana, so call and let us help you pick out your trees today!

Featured Services

Field-Grown Tree Farm

We have over 70 acres of large shade trees from 4″ to 12″ in diameter. We have plenty of fast growing mature trees.

Container Tree Farm

We have a large selection of Shade Trees and Palms in Containers, our sizes range from 30 gallon to 300 gallon.

Large Palms

We also offer a large selection of field-grown palm trees, Sylvester palms, Canary Islands, and More!

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Wilkinson Tree Farm

Established in 2000, Wilkinson Tree Farm has specialized in planting large shade trees and palms for 20 years. At Wilkinson Tree Farm, we have a large selection of shade trees from 15′ to 30′ tall, as well as palms. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, so call to set up an appointment to pick out your trees, and see how Wilkinson Tree Farm can add beauty and value to your home and property.

Our Tree Install Process

Wilkinson Tree Farm

At Wilkinson Tree Farm, we have special trucks that dig a perfect hole and place the tree in the hole. So call to set up an appointment to pick out your trees, and we do all the work to plant them for you.

Why wait for your shade to grow?

With our mature Shade Trees, We Sell You Time!

Call for an appointment to come by our tree farm and tag your trees today! Choose from our large shade trees, our mature live oaks, and more. We sell wholesale to contractors and green professionals, and retail to the public. Anyone is welcome!

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